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America's premier
duct system

Mid-Atlantic Quick-Fit distributes Quick-Fitclamp together ducting. We will ship Quick-Fit ducting to your plant locations, anywhere in the world. We will ship most orders within five working days.

Quick-Fit™ ducting clamps together so easily, it's a snapto install or change. No welds, no rivets, no screws, no precise measurements.

  • Your employees can handle many installations themselves.
  • Perfect for new installations or changes to existing systems.
  • Handles dusts, chemicals, food, fumes and more!
  • Clean-outs and replacements are a snap!
  • Galvanized or stainless steel
  • Easy to take apart and reuse.

If you would like to know just how much money you can save using Q-F clamps, we'll be glad to call on you. You'll be extremely pleased with all the built in advantages you get with Q-F and with the quote we bring you. Visit our contact page and find out why the Q-F system is the best thing around!

The illustration on the right shows how quickly and easily the clamp works. All parts have rolled edges, which clamp tightly together.

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